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Co-Registration Manager v2.1

Now with a Generator for easy,
browser-based setup!

Click here to see the LIVE Generator Script in action!

Allowing your visitor to sign up for
Multiple Newsletters
using just One Sign up form

If you publish multiple newsletters, whether they are hosted on your own site or at a third-party site like Yahoo Groups or Topica, then this script is going to be a dream come true for you.

What is Co-Registration?

Co-Registration is the use of a special form that allows your site's visitors to sign up for more than one newsletter - in fact, as many as you publish - all using just one sign up form.

For example, look at the form to your left, at the top left corner of this page. There is only one text box, and it is an invitation to subscribe to my newsletter, Scripts-n-Software.

However, look at the form a little further below. You will see that it has details about three newsletters, and 3 checkboxes, but still only one text box for the first name, and one text box for the email address.

Now, your visitor need to enter their first name and email address only once in the form below, yet she can select one, two or all three of the checkboxes, in effect subscribing to all newsletters at once.

So, what's the big deal, you ask?

The beauty of this arrangement is that all three of the newsletters can have different "subscribe" email addresses. In fact, they needn't even be all published by you - they can all belong to three completely different publishers, with three completely different email addresses (the subscribe email address).

In the form below, all three newsletters have different subscribe email addresses.

For example, to subscribe to the "Pregnancy and Parenting" newsletter, you would have to send an email "from" your email address, to:

Similarly, the other two subscribe-email-addresses are, totd@cyber` (for TOTD, Tip-of-the-Day), and info-conne` (for InfoConneXions).

Now, using the Co-Registration Manager, you will be able to publish a single form with multiple checkboxes, one for each of your newsletters, to allow your site visitors to be able to sign up for as many as they choose to, by filling out just one single subscription form.

Check out the live demo

See the sign up box below. Your visitor will be able to voluntarily select - or "opt-in" - to as many of the newsletters as they choose to.

And the best part is, they have to enter their name and email address only once!

And the way the submission script is designed, you can keep adding as many newsletters as you want to the form, and no change has to be made to the script whatsoever. So, your form can change as often as you want, and no maintenance work or updating of any scripts is required.

And we have even provided you with a really simple to use browser-based generator, to help you generate the subscription form itself.

All you have to do is answer a couple of questions, like how many newsletters you want to display on the form, their names, a brief description to display next to the checkbox, and to what is their subscription email address.

That's it!

Before you try the generator, go ahead and check out the Co-Registration Manager (CRM) script in action using the form below.

Simply enter your email address, select as many newsletters as you wish to subscribe to, and hit 'submit'.

Privacy notice

All the newsletters displayed below are 100% Opt-in! Which means, after you submit the subscription form, you will be first be sent a confirmation email, and you will be required to take some action (like clicking a link in that confirmation email, or replying to that confirmation email) before you are subscribed to the newsletters that you chose to begin with.

So, go ahead and try the demo without any worries.

Subscription Center

Pregnancy & Parenting
Come participate in this forum with wonderful parents and expecting couples and mothers, give and receive advise, tips and share your personal experiences.
Tip-of-the-Day (TOTD)
Useful, downright practical Tips and Tricks related to Internet Marketing, Site Development, and mini case studies.
Best-of-the-Web Newsletter
First name

Check your email (the one that you entered above) in a few minutes, and you should have received as many confirmation emails as the number of boxes you checked in the form above.

Of course, to be actually added to these newsletters, you would have to take some action (as described in the confirmation request email), because all of our WebmasterInABox lists are double optin :-)

If you ignore the confirmation emails, then you won't be added to any of the lists.

And to think that I didn't have to even lift a finger to add you to my newsletters - and that too, to 3 of them, at one go - without you ever having to leave my site!

So what exactly did the Co-Registration Manager script actually accomplish?

  1. It sent all the newsletter subscribe email addresses, an email on your behalf (with your email as the "from" address).
  2. From there on, it is up to the newsletter service how it handles your request - it may be double optin (like our lists), or it may be single optin (your choice as a publisher - and make sure you, as a subscriber, read the privacy policy of the publisher before subscribing).

Can you even imagine how much time and effort I save day after day, month after month, by using this Fully Automated Subscription System for all my newsletters?

It works not only with YahooGroups, but also with Topica, ListServe, SparkList and any 3rd party list hosting which has the feature of allowing people to subscribe simply by sending an email to a "" kind of email address.

It even works with autoresponder services like 1SiteAutomation or if you have something like AutoresponsePlus installed on your site and have turned on the "Subscribe by email" option.

What you would normally do to manage your subscribers


If you own a list at YahooGroups or Topica, then you probably use one of the following two methods to add visitors to your web site to your list:

1. You have a yahoogroups-provided form on your web pages, and when your visitors enters their email address in your form and hit 'submit', they are taken directly to YahooGroups' web site, which means you have not only sent your visitors away from your web site - probably never to come back - but also, in case your visitor doesn't confirm their request for subscription via email, you would also have no idea who that person was, because you never received their email address. Since they signed up directly at yahoo, the email id was sent 'directly' to yahoo (or topica - alternately used).

2. Alternatively, you might be using a form-mailer program which emails you the visitor's email address, and then you manually process the email address, copy-and-paste them in the format Yahoo wants them, and then manually 'add' the email addresses to your list.

But the biggest pain here is that when your subs start growing, this task of processing all the submissions and then manually adding your subscribers can become a huge gargantuan deal, taking away most of your spare time! And as it gets bigger, you will tend to start procrastinating, and when you delay the process of adding your visitor to your list even by a couple of days, some of them might even forget that they had actually opted to receive your newsletter, and will either unsubscribe or will report you as a spammer.

So what's the solution?

It is staring you in the face - the Co-Registration Manager (CRM - formerly known as the Yahoo/Topica Subscription Management System)

The Benefits


1. Benefit: Save up to 365 Hours a Year
When your visitor enters her email address and hits submit, the CRM will automatically send your list's subscribe address ( an email address on your visitor's behalf (making it look as though she sent it from her own email client), and the newsletter service handles it from there.

You will never again have to copy-and-paste your visitor's email address and "add" her manually to your list, which straight away eliminates at least an hour's work every day, depending on the size of your list.

2. Benefit: Retain your page views - pitch more of your products
The CRM will retain your visitors on your own site after they've submitted the form - remember, out of site, out of mind Because you didn't send them away to your list-host's web site, chances are they will continue browsing through your site, which means they might end up signing up for your other services or purchasing your product(s).

Special Bonus : Free Email Validator Script - a $9.95 value

You also get the Email-Validator Script for free!

What is the Email-Validator?
Try submitting the demo form above, without entering any thing - neither your name or email address, or try entering an invalid-format email address - like simply b@com or abc@def.

The CRM simply won't let you submit the form until you've entered all the required information in the correct acceptable format.

That is what the Email-Validator Script does - it validates your data for you, so that you, as the list owner, don't get blank form submissions. It also helps prevent typo's like me@yahoo (some people simply forget to enter their complete email address). Some newbies even enter www.myemail@yahoo as their email address. So, the Email-Validator also makes sure you don't lose genuine subscribers because of a typo, because it will warn them when they make such a mistake.

You get the Email-Validator script, a $9.95 value, for free!

Cost of the Script : $9.95
is now

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