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Click-Tracker Pro v3.0
ClickBank Download-Protector v4.0 with Temporary Link Generator!
(Note: This script will be sent to you only after 90 days of purchase of the WebmasterInABox Suite)
AffTrakker for ClickBank
(Affiliate Management Program for ClickBank Merchants)
C.A.P.E - Add On for ClickBank's Affiliate Program
Paypal-IPN Download Protector
"Send this Page" script
Co-Registration Manager - Multiple-List Subscription Management System
Tell-A-Friend (or)
Contact-Us Form Mailer
with Autoresponder
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Free Affiliate Link Cloaker script and 14+ other PHP and Javascript scripts - yours for FREE
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AffTrakker for Clickbank
Version 2.0 - With Affiliate Link Cloaker,
Click Tracker and ShortUrl-Maker
All Integrated into One Sweet Suite!

A comprehensive Affiliate Management Solution
for ClickBank Merchants

AffTrakker is a complete Affiliate Management Program, designed to work for ClickBank merchants and affiliates. It comes tightly and readily integrated with C.A.P.E, our other script that lets you process multiple products on multiple web sites and user multiple landing pages, all with just one clickbank account.

Also, it has an inbuilt Link Cloaker which will let your affiliates protect their affiliate links from potential affiliate link hijackers. Use the integrated Click Tracker to track which ClickBank affiliates are sending you the most traffic, and which of their links are peforming well using the referer logs.

Keep reading to find out more about using the powerful admin control panel to adminster your affiliates, download affiliate data, send them personalized email, monitor the traffic they are sending you, and lots more...

Note: C.A.P.E is a part of AffTrakker. There is no need to purchase C.A.P.E if you purchase the AffTrakker.

Admin Screens
(Click to enlarge)


What can the AffTrakker do?


Set up a secure, password protected area for your affiliates.
Require your affiliates to sign up, thus helping you - the merchant - obtain their ClickBank login
information along with their contact information (name, email address, web site url, etc) which you can use to study your affiliates and improve your affiliate program!
Sell multiple products using just one ClickBank Seller Account
Set up multiple landing pages
Use your existing ClickBank account across multiple web sites
Use the In-built Link Cloaker to create static web pages for your affiliates, which has a number of advantages by itself:

The URL given to your affiliates does NOT look like this:

Instead, each Affiliate will receive a static, Search Engine friendly redirect URL that looks like this:
Encrypted Code not only protect your affiliate links from regular visitors, but also encrypts the source of the main frameset page and protects it from even the prying eyes of programming savvy web surfers.
Using the Integrated Click Tracker, both you and your affiliates can see how well their links are peforming
Using a quick daily snap-shot, quickly track which affiliates are sending you the most traffic
The AffTrakker also tracks affiliate transactions by their ClickBank nickname - even ClickBank does not have this feature.
Easy to set-up and configure in 5 minutes
Completely customizable to suit your needs and your web site.
Static links are more search-engine friendly than links with a "?" in it.
Sign up Unlimited Affiliates (limited by only your database space on your web server).
Effective space utilization - each reseller page takes about 1 Kb of space
As the number of static links pointing to your domain increases, this results in a dramatic increase in your link popularity
The higher your link popularity (number of sites linking to your site), this in turn dramatically increases the ranking of your site in a web search, especially in search engines like whose search results are driving top web sites like and - so you know how important it is to get a top listing in Google.
The closer you are to the top position, the more easily your potential visitors - and customers - will be able to find you.
Store all affiliate data, referers, dates and transactions in a MySQL database for high-speed accessing and efficient archiving of affiliate and transactional data.
Comes with a powerful, full-featured Admin section, which lets you look up affiliate transactions, download affiliate data, both partially and completely, in a CSV format, ready for use in a spreadsheet or for importing into other third-party applications.
Send Personalized email to your affiliates individually or to the entire group (broadcast). Lets you customize both the subject and the body of the email.
Real time Statistics - Lets your affiliates look up their own referrals and hits to their affiliate links in real time, how many times their own affiliate links are being clicked, and from which pages on their site these clicks are coming from, so that they can better tune their link placements and ad copy.
Let's you easily customize links for your affiliates, to include their Clickbank nick names (or Clickbank login names) so that all they need to do is just copy and paste your copy with their nicknames already embedded in all the promo copy.
Prevent your affiliates from directly reaching pages inside the affiliate section without logging in.

Affiliate Screens
(Click to enlarge)


How does the AffTrakker work?


The AffTrakker comprises of basically two components:

Component I - Admin/Affiliate Junction

The affiliate management section, which will let your affiliates sign up for a free affiliate account, log in to that account and get product copy and banners to help them sell your product(s) more effectively. Also, as a admin, you will be able to secure process affiliate statistics, contact information, send out personalized emails to individual affiliates, or a mass-email to the entire group.

Component II - The C.A.P.E Junction

The C.A.P.E, which is a multiple-product processor, which will let you use the AffTrakker to set up multiple landing pages, and sell multiple products through multiple web sites, all with just one ClickBank seller's account.

The C.A.P.E, also sold separately, is included in the price of AffTrakker.

There is no need for you to purchase it separately. However, obviously, if you purchased the entire box, then you would have access to all the scripts in the box.



See how the combination of C.A.P.E and AffTrakker works in managing our own affiliate program.



PHP enabled web server
MySQL database
ClickBank merchant account
Works with Unix (Linux or any variant of Unix), Windows (2000, NT, or other), and Macintosh

Change Log


April 14 , 2003 Version 2.0 released. New features like affiliate link cloaker, session cookies, ShortUrl, and more added.
August 17, 2002 Version 1.0 launched.
Cost of the Script : $67.00

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