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If your pop-up takes a while to load (for whatever reason) or if another pop-up from another site (which your visitor is browsing simultaneously) pops up, then your pop-up may get pushed to the background - which is not a good thing, because out-of-sight is out-of-mind.

Inserting this script at the very end of your pop-up page, will make your pop-up spring back to life even if the user had minimized it.

Of course, if your visitor closed it before it could load, then there is nothing we can do about it. But for some reason, if your pop-up got over-shadowed, then this script will make sure it comes back to focus the moment it has finished loading.

Not only that, once it has come back into focus, it will keep coming back again and again, till the user takes some action (like submitting a form, or closing the pop-up itself).

Use this script smartly and judiciously, because it can tend to get annoying if you don't let the user minimize the window.

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Cost of the Script : $4.95
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