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Our Web Log
(as frequently -- or rarely -- as stuff happens)
Events in reverse chronological order.

February 7, 2008

Wow, I had totally forgotten about this page for almost a year now!

Manually updated weblogs are so 2004! But I'm gonna keep this around for a little longer, if you don't mind :-)

Anyways, lots of stuf has happened since then, a lot of which I can barely recollect. Here are the highlights:

* Updated ClickBank Download Protector - version 5 is out now.

* Updated ClickTracker - some kick-ass new features. You've got to check it out.

* Launched some new blogs, my favorite one being - a blog on ventriloquism

* Launched a new mini-site: - a site about the free, open-source and non-free tools, sites and services that I use and recommend.

* For the first time, touched 100 domain names that I now own.

* Moved from to The old one had gotten banned by Google for some weird reason for almost a year. It's back up now, but I've moved to this new domain since.

* Wrote and published my first book, "No Business Like E-Business". Also available at Amazon.

* Bought an awesome new Yamaha Motif XS Keyboard. Made some music, which I may share with you at some point.


March 8, 2007

Have been in hiatus for a while. Focusing on just updating and supporting existing scripts. Created a few new web sites (not really products) in the meantime. (My blog) (Online Feed Reader)

I'm slowly moving away from an "email subscription" model to a "feed subscription" model. So if you want to keep up with what I'm doing, subscribe to my feed at my blog. Once there, you'll see the familiar subscribe button.

November 26 , 2005

Spanking new version of the ClickBank Download Protector v4.0 has been released. Check out the new video tutorial and demo which shows both the "Link Generator" as well as the download protector script in action.

This version of the script is the best one yet - it has support for multiple downloads, ability to collect name and email address of customer before displaying the download link, ability to add them to an autoresponder, and lots more. My hottest script is now the hottest upgrade yet!

September 17 , 2005

Awesome new GoogleSplash script has just been released. You can purchase this script separately from here, but it has also been added to the free bonuses list for a very short period of time. Don't pay for another click or run another online ad until you have checked this out.

March 5, 2005

Form-Mailer has been updated. Version 2.0 has been released. It has been made much, much simpler to install than before. Incorporates instant autoresponse to your visitor, PLUS email logging.

Completely configurable. Just update one config file. Nothing else to touch.

February 7, 2005

Ok, a lot has happened - just hadn't updated this page. Here's the list, in random order:

* Finally launched my blog,
* Launched a new free desktop utility for web site owners and internet marketers
* Updated many of the scripts in the suite
* Hurt my back shovelling snow
* Recovered
* Hurt my back again during the second snow storm in a week
* Can't wait for winter to be over (live in New York)

July 3, 2004

On my way to Portland, Oregon. I'm typing this during the Chicago-Portland hop. The kids are asleep - just finished watching the inflight movie, Hidalgo. Not a bad movie - especially since I like horses - and Mortensen.

Can't wait to burn DVD's of home movies during this long weekend. I'm also trying out PowerDirector and Sony Vegas. Will let you know how it goes.

July 2, 2004

Got my pretty, pretty Firewire cable from an online store (can't reveal it yet till I publish my rather unpleasant experience - don't want to give them any undeserved publicity).

But the awesome thing is, the downloads from my Sony Hi-8 camcorder are so blazing fast that I'm able to view the video in real time - in fact, the software I'm trying out (Powerdirector) allows me to control my camcorder with a VCR-like interface. I can pause, rewind, play and record to my camcorder simply using buttons on my laptop screen. WHOA! Is this stuff cool or what?

May 26 , 2004

Just like I predicted - no presents on my b'day :-(

But my lovely laptop is still going strong. Couldn't have asked for a better b'day present :-)

April 17, 2004

Just got my spanking new *monster* laptop. 'Twas a gift from my sweetheart - a full one month *before* my birthday (that certainly means I ain't getting nuthin' next month :-( Just kidding -- is that cool or what!! Click here to see a picture.

April 16, 2004

Just got my Java Certification from Sun. Hurrah! Am now officially a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP :-). I've been programming in Java for over 6 years now, but decided to go for certification only now - thanks to inspiration and motivation (read butt-kicking) from my wife :-)

January 1, 2004

Happy new year! Just launched -- the newest site in the WebmasterInABox network. Think of this as an online service, a completely-hosted version of the WebmasterInABox suite - only with a thousand more features - like unlimited sequential autoresponders, kick-butt shopping cart with features like coupons and multiple-order discounts, start your own affiliate program, personalized bulkmail sending, and more.

November 2003

I'm lying low -- planning and developing products to become a part of the next generation of WebmasterInABox 2005. Watch out for some kickbutt, why-didn't-anyone-think-of-this-before kinda scripts.

September 2003

I finally left my long-suffering, *miserable* day job with an *extremely abusive* boss. This guy is every employee's greatest nightmare come true - the way he treated me and the others is actually stuff that one would think happens only in movies! I couldn't be happier -- I'm now back with one of my earlier employers. Life's great!

July 29 , 2003

Just launched my new site -

If you are worried about your popup ads getting blocked by the popup blocker software on your visitors' computer, then this is JUST the tool you need to make sure your visitors are seeing your messages.

Popub blockers ruining your messages? Don't get mad - get sliding.

June 1 , 2003

Too tired to do zzzzz.... any new development zzzzz....

May 12 , 2003

Hurrah! Rohan, my son, arrives in this world at 9:14 AM.
A healthy, 6-pounder. My bundle of joy - I'm blessed!

April 4, 2003

Just cancelled a trip to the land of beaches, Florida! My 4 year old daughter was supposed to accompany me, and she is kinda heartbroken - but delivery time is approaching for wifey dear, and gotta take care of her. She has been advised a lot of TLC and rest - and that's exactly what she's gonna get.

Meanwhile, Scripts-n-Software is a pretty big success - over 400 subscribers in less than 2 months - and for almost those entire two months, I did not even have a sign up form *anywhere* on my web site. Just plastered it all over the site only last night. Let's see how it picks up now.

March 24 , 2003

Finally, after months of contemplating whether to write my own script or purchase an off-the-shelf script from someone else, I decided to do some research on both desktop and online versions of sequential autoresponder packages. It came down to two products - Autoresponse Plus (online) and Gammadyne Mailer (desktop version).

Autoresponse Plus won eventually - after I bought their package, opted for a refund, almost purchased Gammadyne, changed my mind, made sure I got the credit back from ClickBank, went in and purchased Autoresponse Plus once again.

This helped me bring my newsletter, Scripts-n-Software, over from YahooGroups to my own server.

Though I finished coding about 90% of what a basic Autoresponder application should be able to do, I decided to put it on the backburner for the moment, because it would take me way too much time to program all the features that Autoresponse Plus already has. And I wanted to get going with my new newsletter. So, in the end AutoResponse Plus proved to be one of the best investments I've made in a long time (barring of course, Stephen Pierce's mind blowing eBook, The Whole Truth). Skip drinking coffe for the next one month if you have to, but don't miss buying this ebook.

March 1 , 2003

Nothing new happening. Just revising and optimizing existing code, adding new features, and writing some custom scripts - both new and customizing existing WIAB scripts - for clients. Not much time for new development. Extremely busy with both my day job and my personal life. The wife's expecting a boy in May - extremely excited. Can't wait!

February 1 , 2003

ClickTracker v2.3 is just out! Lots of enhancements, a security update, more optimized code, and new features. You can now add an extra comment to your links, just to remind you what those links are - especially if you're shortening those long, ugly affiliate links. It also has new features for Editing & Deleting links.

December 26, 2002

ClickBank Download Protector version 3.0 is just out! It now comes with a spanking new feature - the Temporary Link Generator - which lets you completely hide the real location of your actual files, and displays a temporary link with a randomly generated file name! You can even set the links to expire in 1 hour, 2 hours, or 24 hours! Fort-Knox kinda security! Completely and easily automate it too!

December 25, 2002

Our Wish List is open for business! Now, I'm taking this list real serious - so, go ahead and let me know what kind of script or online application will make your life that much easier!

And Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2002

Our Online Forums are now open. Feel free to contribute.

December 23, 2002

Attempting to build a Knowledge Base for PHP and Web design & programming related topics.

October 29, 2002

Download Protector for ClickBank version 2.0 is out! It uses ClickBank's proprietary CBPOP technology in tandem with WebmasterInABox's own proprietary algorigthm that PLUGS the security hole in ClickBank's own technology! Absolutely no one else on the Web offers this type of software with this kind of features!

October 18, 2002

Download Protector for Paypal has been released. It uses Paypal's proprietary IPN technology to safeguard your downloads and members-only sections of your web site.

October 1, 2002

AffTrakker version 1.1 is just out!

New features like affiliate link cloaker, session cookies, ShortUrl, and more added to AffTrakker

September 15, 2002

New 'delete link' feature added to ClickTracker v2.0

September 12, 2002

Image-Protector v2.0 is just out!

This new version ships with an Image-Server written in PHP, which will securely display your images from a hidden folder, known only to you - not to your visitor. The script is to be used for preventing bandwidth pirates from linking to your images directly and making you pay for their crime.

September 10, 2002

Coming soon - Download-Protector-Paypal is almost ready for release!

Haven't had time to write up the sales page with details about how it works. But it's been tested and is ready to go - in just a few more days.

August 28, 2002

ClickTracker Version 2 is now out!

This campaign tracking tool has slick new features like the ability to reset statistics to "0" (to start tracking afresh) and detailed referer logs (referring url, operating system & browser used by the visitor, and the date and time of visit).

August 17, 2002

The much awaited release of AffTrakker has just happened!

Check out the AffTrakker right now by clicking here.

If you are among those who have purchased the entire box before August 15, 2002, then you will be automatically receiving this new script by email - for Free!

August 15, 2002

As a inaugural offer, so far we had a special deal in place which guaranteed all our buyers that they would automatically receive all new products and all new versions of all products for ever - for life - for FREE! We are extremely thankful to all our early buyers for believing in us, having faith in a new product, trusting in our technical support and investing in us.

We have not let them down one bit, and that shows in the testimonials that we have received.

As of today, August 15, 2002, the offer has expired. As a buyer you are still entitled to all future versions of all the scripts that are a part of at the time of your purchase. We may still bring it back as a special limited time offer in the near future. So, keep watching this page for updates.

July 25

Check out our spanking new affiliate program. This is powered by our own script, the C.A.P.E. We have made so many changes to it, and added such powerful new features to it, that it could no longer be called a new version, but practically a new product! So, we have decided to name it "AffTrakker".

AffTrakker can do all of the following:

  • Provide an affiliates-only members area
  • Provide your affiliates a way to quickly and painlessly sign up for a new affiliate account
  • Log in painlessly
  • Get ready made copy with their affiliate URL's already embedded in it
  • Send emails to all your affiliates directly online using the cool Webmail Interface
  • Download partial or complete lists of your affiliates and their login info in a convenient CSV (comma separated) format
  • CSV makes it a snap to import into a spreadsheet
  • and lots more......

    Buy the Toolkit now and get AffTrakker free when it is launched in a few days...

July 14

For a limited time, we are giving away an Absolutely Free Copy of FreetoSell , a classic suite of popular info products, along with every purchase of a WebmasterInABox license. This free package is worth $49.97 (sale price at retailer's web site).

Your copy of FreetoSell comes with Complete Resell Rights, which means you can resell the various info products individually, or packaged, or however you choose, and keep all the profits to yourself! It is like a ready-made web store.

Hurry up and buy now when the offer is still open. You can be downloading the entire suite of WebmasterInABox PLUS the entire suite of FreetoSell minutes from now!

July 13

Some amazing new additions are being made to our Affiliate program add-on script for ClickBank merchants, C.A.P.E . It is almost ready for release!

If you are an existing license holder of WebmasterInABox, you will automatically receive the upgrade for free as soon as it is ready for release.

June 21

A new Testimonials section added. This one is filled with true heart-felt comments and emails from extremely satisfied users of WebmasterInABox scripts.

Also, a new online service, SpamStopper has been added. Feel free to use this online service to encrypt all the email addresses on your web site so that spambots cannot spider your web site and collect your email addresses automatically - this script encrypts your email addresses in such a way that email-extracting software won't even see your email addresses.

June 17

Attention Affiliates: New banners and images have been added. Now you can use these banners on your web pages along with our plug-and-play marketing copy to boost your sales. Also, if you're not yet an affiliate, you should think about becoming one - we just started giving away free scripts to all our affiliates. I'm sure you don't want to miss out on the free goodies. It costs nothing to join, so what the heck, right?

Also, I'm ready to release a couple of more scripts shortly. So, obviously, there will be a price increase. So, purchase a license while the pricing is still low - and you will get all scripts added to the box within the next year - for Free!

June 05

New ad copy added for the CAPE script (you need to login to get it. It's free!)

May 10

New Affiliate Section added. Get ready-to-copy-and-paste sales copy for various WebmasterInABox scripts. We have programmed it in cush a way that all copy is already customized with your Clickbank login information. Simply plug-and-play-and-earn-cash. Use these templates in your newsletters on on your web site and we will pay you 50% of our profits.

May 9

ClickBank Affiliate Program Enhancer added to 'the box'. Also, the price of the entire box has been increased to $119.00 in view of 3 new scripts being added to the box since the launch, when it was priced at $99.95.

Note: Shortly, we will be adding some really awesome scripts, and as we add a new script, the total price of the box will keep going up. But, once you purchase a license, you will never have to pay for any new script that is added to the box in the next one year!

So, hurry up and lock in your price today!

April 24

Download-Protector added to 'the box'..

April 4

Send this Page added to 'the box'.

April 1, 2002

Site officially launched. Hurrah! Finally! (Phew)

December 2001

Started work on the site. Started with the logo first. Got a colleague to draw a geeky picture of Prez. Bush. Liked it. Kept it.

October 2001

Suddenly woke up. Got another brainwave. Decided was too geeky. The more understandable "Webmaster In A" was born...wait...Oops.. .com already taken - I'll take the .net version then - is thus born - and registered!

August 2001

Got a brainwave. Registered Too many other things going on. Forgot all about it.
is now

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