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Discover the Web's DEADLIEST
110% Spam-proof, Spam-Accusation-Proof
Completely Opt-in Tool
To Send YOUR Subscriber Sign-ups
in exactly 7 MINUTES!

"WOW, Ravi! This script is GREAT and has increased my subscribers by WELL over 30%! I highly recommend this to ANYONE wishing to gain maximum subscriber rates in minimum time ...
very easy to implement and maintain. :o)

Diane Hughes

The Forbidden Art of Breeding Subscribers


Get a Heavy Flood of New Subscribers
or else 100% MONEY BACK


Dear Internet Friend,

What you're about to discover on this page is really going to blow your mind.

So, focus your fullest attention to this monitor for the next 10 minutes, and I will reveal to you the Deadliest, Rarely-talked-about, Top-Secret Tool that Power-Sellers and Marketers use, the world over.

One day, in the middle of the night, I unexpectedly stumbled across this deadly idea, and if you're even remotely interested in getting thousands of new subscribers for your ezine in a hurry, then listen up:

When you arrived at this page, you probably saw a pop-up
like the one shown below) that asked you to click 'OK' or 'Cancel'?

This is no ordinary pop-up asking you to enter your email address. All the pop-up asked you to do was click OK!

"Now, how can anyone subscribe to your newsletter by clicking 'OK'? Don't you need me to type my email address??", you wonder.

Stealth-Mailer makes it possible...


"... has outperformed even my entrance pop-up..."

"Pop-up-Killing software can no longer prevent me from getting legally opt-in new subscribers."

"... my sign-ups went from 5 a month to 25 a day! Can I resell your script? Please?"

"My subscription rate increased by 600% times within one week of installing this script..."

The Stealth-Mailer is a program which will allow your visitors to
to your newsletter without even having to type out their email address !

This is one of the reasons the Stealth-Mailer has been called one of the most powerful and deadliest scripts in use on the web today.

How is that possible, you ask?

Not so fast, my friend. Keep reading.

Now, if you had clicked on 'OK' when the SM popped you the question (;-) you should be receiving a confirmation email from me in a few minutes, thanking you for your subscription to my newsletter (TOTD).

How Does it Work?


When they click 'OK', the Stealth Mailer uses your visitor's default email client (Eudora, Outlook Express, Outlook Exchange, Netscape messenger) to send you - or any email address you specify (even that of your list server) - an email from their default email address - which, obviously, contains their email address.


Is Stealth-Mailer a Spamming tool?


Absolutely Not!

I know that the name might make it sound like one. But just like how the 'Stealth Bomber' is not a plane designed for illegal attacks on innocent citizens, the Stealth Mailer is not a spamming tool :-)

I know it's a rather wild comparison, but I do owe the name to the war plane, as it operates just as silently and as powerfully!

Stealth-Mailer is a totally legal, fully copyrighted, completely opt-in tool for letting people to 'voluntarily' opt in for your newsletter subscription.

In fact, unless your visitor clicks 'OK', you will not receive an email from them. So, your visitor always has the option of clicking on 'Cancel', and nothing would happen then.

Your visitor has complete control. S/he has to opt in.

In fact, it is totally spam proof!

Benefits of Stealth-Mailer


  • Saves your visitors time and effort

  • They don't have to type in their email address

  • Get even the laziest and most impatient visitors to sign-up for your newsletter!

  • Send your sign-ups through the roof! Some Stealth-Mailer Owners have even seen their sign-up rates go from 5 a month to 50 per day!

  • Simply clicking on 'OK' will subscribe them

  • Extremely fast and reliable

  • Extremely high Conversion rate: Because it is such an Attention-Grabber, the conversion rate is also extremely high!

  • No more dealing with forms or form-mailer programs and scripts.

  • Plug-n-Play Instantly. Installs in 7 minutes.

  • Less in your face than an entry pop-up

  • 20 times more effective than a normal pop-up

  • 100% Spam Proof - That is because it's not like a regular form where one can falsely enter another's email address. The email is sent only from a default email client, which contains the prospective subscriber's email address.

  • 100% Spam-Accusation-Proof - No one can falsely accuse you of spam, and even if some knucklehead does for some reason, you have an email sent from their very own email address (with their headers containing their IP address and their ISP information) to prove otherwise.


Features of Stealth-Mailer


  • Installation is a breeze. Takes less than 10 minutes.

  • You don't have to worry about any special server permissions
    or privileges to install this script on your site.

  • Installs on all servers, with a Macintosh Web Server being the only exception.

  • If you have multiple sites, then the script can be configured in such a way that if they went from one of your sites to another of your own sites, then only the first site will show the pop-up, not each and every site and each and every visit.

  • 'Cookie-based programming' makes it extremely efficient and avoids irritation (for your visitor).

  • No need for any special server permissions or privileges. Simply customize the message, upload the script, and you're ready to grab your visitor's attention and convert them

  • Uses 'Cookie-based Tracking' to prevent the pop-up from showing up again and again.

  • Cookie is highly customizable to make it pop-up only once a day, or once a year, or once in a lifetime (provided the user doesn't delete the cookie)

  • Start getting heavy subs minutes from now.
Cost of the Script : $19.95

is now

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