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Click-Tracker Pro v3.0
ClickBank Download-Protector v4.0 with Temporary Link Generator!
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AffTrakker for ClickBank
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Paypal-IPN Download Protector
"Send this Page" script
Co-Registration Manager - Multiple-List Subscription Management System
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Free Affiliate Link Cloaker script and 14+ other PHP and Javascript scripts - yours for FREE
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Click Tracker v3.0

All New, Completely Re-Written From Scratch
Tons of New Features Added

Campaign Management & Link Shortening Software

Customer Testimonial

"Hi Ravi,

Its been a week now that I have been using Click Tracker and I just have to say that you have out-done yourself on this one.

It took me literally 6 minutes to install and setup, thats incredible!

Since I started using your script on my affiliate links, I have seen an increase in click throughs, but more importantly, I am getting more signups!

I owe you a big Thank You!

Terry H

How it works

Which of the following links would you prefer to publish in your newsletter or ezine?

Link 1:


Link 2:

If you published Link 1 in your newsletter, it would wrap to two lines, probably even break up, and no one may be able to click on it, but it looks long, unreadable and hideous!

Imagine a second link (Link 2 above) that goes to the same destination, is much shorter, looks nice and compact, and more than anything, is SEO friendly (meaning, no "?" or "&" characters in your link - much more human readable too!).

Let me give you another example. Let's say you have an affiliate link in your newsletter. Which of the following links would you prefer?

Link 1:


Link 2:

Now, Link 1 directly gives away the fact that it's an affiliate link, and your visitors or subscribers may never click on it. What's worse, they might just copy and paste the main link without your affiliate id, and there - you've lost yet another referral sale - and lost more revenue in affiliate commissions!

That's not all - it is downright UGLY! Either way, the chances of your link getting clicked just went from ZERO (when it was long and broken) to ... MINUS 2!

You've lost a potential visitor - a potential sale - a potential customer for life!

ClickTracker - A Snapshot

  • Track Campaigns and Clicks and SubCampaigns
  • Use Sub-Campaigns to track which version of your link in your newsletter was clicked more (the one at the top, the one in the body, or the one in your signature)
  • Create SubCampaigns on the fly
  • Shorten and Track your long, ugly affiliate links
  • Cloak your affiliate links and hide them within a secure, encrypted frame. Optionally, don't encrypt them.
  • Track even your cloaked links (which internally redirect to your shortened link)
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns, Sub-Campaigns and Links
  • PHP & MySQL (database) driven
  • Detailed and comprehensive Statistics with referers, time stamp and browser information
  • Add notes to your shortened links for quick and easy look-ups
  • Track your links using nicknames instead of numbers
  • Edit your shortened links
  • Edit your previously cloaked links
  • Redirect dynamically, in real time, stale links in ebooks that you have already distributed, and links over which you no longer have control
  • Use it for URL Redirection
  • SEO-Friendly Links
  • Track Clicks on Links, Banners, Text Links in your emails, in your newsletter
  • Track Links to External, 3rd party sites and services
  • Track clicks on Your Incoming Links in 3rd party newsletters and web sites
  • Save time, money and effort by identifying the best performing ads and links and dumping the losers
  • Track newsletter signups
  • Simple, easy-to-read, web-based reporting
  • Quickly see how well all your marketing efforts are performing!

Of course, you could use those expensive 3rd party web sites which charge you anywhere between $25 upto $100 per month for this feature, plus a few other features that you will never need!

Or you could simply use ClickTracker.

Install ClickTracker on your own web server in under 10 minutes (including configuring your installation, and time to upload all files to your web site).

Your subscribers and visitors will then see only your domain name in all your links. Use the new SEO-Friendly URL feature. This promotes link popularity for your domain name, which is crucial in getting a higher rank among search results of extremely popular and widely used search engines like .

And the best part is that it is under 20 bucks! For $19.95, you simply cannot get a better deal on a better campaign management product.

ClickTracker in detail


Run Multiple Installations of ClickTracker on the same site

A new feature (TABLE_PREFIX = "ct") allows you to run multiple installations of ClickTracker on the same web site. So, if you have previously installed ClickTracker, those tables will have names that start with "ct_...". If you change this to"ctnew", then your old ClickTracker tables will not be touched, and all new ones will be created, with names
starting with "ctnew_...".

Create Campaigns

You can now group and categorize links using "Campaigns". A campaign can have multiple links. You can switch links between campaigns. You can also filter the statistics page by Campaign name.

Create Sub-Campaigns

If you have a link that looks like this:

You can now add sub-campaigns to this link on the fly

If you are not able to use the SEO-Friendly links, then you can create a new sub-campaign on the fly by simply adding a "@" symbol followed by some text to identify the sub-campaign.

For example, if you published the link three times in your newsletter - once right at the top, one in the middle, and one in your signature - you could add sub-campaign text to the same link as follows (SEO-Friendly version), and track which link was clicked on more:

If you are unable to use SEO-Friendly links for some reason (your web site is not running on Apache or doesn't have the Mod-Rewrite module installed) then the above 3 links above would look like the ones below:

You can also publish a short link on your web site on different pages, and track which one performs better:

If you used a nickname instead of the number ("5" in the example above) in the above links (see next section for details), they would look even more better, like this:

Track links using a "nick" instead of a number

You can assign your links a nickname ex. "newsletter".

And now this link:

Now becomes...

Of course, they are both essentially the same, and all clicks to both versions will still be attributed to a single link. Just that instead of having numbers in your links, you can use plain text to refer to your shortened links.

So the same link with the sub-campaign "top":

Now becomes...

Cloaking Your Links

The ClickTracker also allows you to "cloak" the shortened links.

So, the shortened link:

Would be cloaked to look like this:

Where clicktracker.html is a cloaked page, that uses frames, and internally redirects to the actual shortened link ( So, when someone clicks on the cloaked link, the link in the location window of your browser will still remain the cloaked URL, but the web site below will be showing the actual destination site of the shortened link.

Highly flexible, fully editable Campaigns, Links and Cloaked Links

All information is editable. You can easily edit (using the same familiar interface that you used to create them) the campaign info, link info, cloaked URL, keyword and notes for any of the links.



  • PHP enabled web server (PHP is free - ask your web host - it is probably already available to you)
  • MySQL database (MySQL is free too)
  • If you want the SEO-Friendly URL Rewriting feature to work, then your web host must be running Apache with the Apache Mod-Rewrite module installed. Any cheap web host that offers Apache, PHP and MySQL is almost 99% certain to have this module installed. Check with your host, if not it is time to switch hosts to a better host.


Cost of the Script : $19.95
is now

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