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Exit Pop-up (with Cookie-Tracking)
Showing the pop-up when your visitor is exiting your page

This script will show you how to do an 'Exit-Popup'.

For instance, let's say that your exit-pop-up code is on your home page.
When a visitor arrives at your home page, and then clicks over to another link
on your web site, or even a totally different site - that's when the popup will be
that, let me quickly tell you why an entry-popup on your
home page may not be such a good idea:

When you use an exit-popup, the loading of your home page is
not affected by the pop-up, because it pop-ups only when your
visitor leaves your home page.

So, if you used an exit-popup (in Javascript parlance, an onUnload() event),
the popup will open:

a. if the browser window is closed,
b. if the visitor moves to another page on your site,
c. if the visitor goes to a totally different site

To see a onUnload() popup, go to my page at and then click away to a
different site, to a different page or simply close that

Cookie Tracking

This script makes use of cookie-tracking to make sure that
the pop-up does not pop-up every single time your visitor leaves
your home page. So, basically, what this means is, that your
pop-up will be shown to your visitor only once per visit (once per
browser session), thus avoiding showing him the same pop-up
again and again which could really irritate your visitor to such an
extent that they may never come back to your site again, let alone
buy your product!

Try a Demo:

Demo not available

Part I: JavaScript Code for the pop-up

Cut and paste the following code anywhere between the
following two tags within your HTML code: <HEAD> & </HEAD>

Function variables:
Read the following code carefully:


and Press Ctrl+C to copy

Cost of the Script : $6.95
is now

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