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Click-Tracker Pro v3.0
ClickBank Download-Protector v4.0 with Temporary Link Generator!
(Note: This script will be sent to you only after 90 days of purchase of the WebmasterInABox Suite)
AffTrakker for ClickBank
(Affiliate Management Program for ClickBank Merchants)
C.A.P.E - Add On for ClickBank's Affiliate Program
Paypal-IPN Download Protector
"Send this Page" script
Co-Registration Manager - Multiple-List Subscription Management System
Tell-A-Friend (or)
Contact-Us Form Mailer
with Autoresponder
Image-Protector v 2.0 has a new home - it is now
Free Affiliate Link Cloaker script and 14+ other PHP and Javascript scripts - yours for FREE
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Copyright 2001-2005 by All rights reserved.


You should carefully read the following terms and conditions
before using the ("the Software").
Your use of the software indicates your acceptance of this
license agreement and disclaimer of warranty.

By installing and using scripts on your server, you
agree to the following terms and conditions:

A license for scripts can be one of only one type:

o Single Domain

By default, all purchases made through this web site
are for a single domain license.

A Single Domain license grants you the right to
run one instance (a single installation) of any script on
one web server and one web site for each license purchased. Each
license may power one instance of any script on one

If you wish to install these scripts on more than one web site,
please contact us for pricing/licensing information.

This product is ©, 2001-2003 and is protected by
the United States copyright law and various international treaties, and can
be distributed only by the author, Ravi Jayagopal.

You may not use, copy, modify, translate, or transfer the
Software, documentation, or any copy except as expressly
defined in this agreement.

The Software is licensed to you. You are not obtaining title
to the Software or any copyrights. You may not sublicense,
rent, lease, convey, the Software for any purpose.

All WebmasterInABox copyright notices within the Software and
documentation must remain unchanged and visible.

Registered users may modify the code for their
personal use, at their own risk, but any altered code must not
be redistributed or resold in any form without the explicit
written permission of Modified code will not be
supported in any way by

The Scripts and the Documentation are provided "AS IS", without warranty
of any kind, not even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for
a particular purpose. You agree to bear all risks and liabilities arising from
the use of the scripts and the documentation, AND from information provided
by the scripts and the documentation, and any of the content from

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance
with the law of United States, and each of the parties submits to
the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of United States.

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or
unenforceable, such provision shall be struck out and the
remaining provisions shall remain in force. This Agreement
constitutes the entire agreement between us concerning its
subject matter.

If any terms are violated, reserves the right to
revoke the license at any time. No license refunds will be
granted for revoked licenses.


This product and/or license is provided as is, without any
representation or warranty of any kind, either express or
implied, including without limitation any representations or
endorsements regarding the use of, the results of, or
performance of the product, its appropriateness, accuracy,
reliability, or correctness. The entire risk as to the use of
this product is assumed by the user and/or licensee.
does not assume liability for the use of this product beyond
the original purchase price of the Software. In no event will be liable for additional direct or indirect
damages including any loss of profits or other incidental or
consequential damages arising from any defects, or the use or
inability to use the Software, even if has been
advised of the possibility of such damages.

If you cannot agree to any of the above terms ad conditions, you may not use any
of the scripts, whether they were paid or free scripts.


Instructions for installing and configuring the scripts will be delivered along with the script, at the time of purchase.


Free, Unlimited Technical Support is available ONLY to registered, paying
users, and for the domain for which the license has been purchsed.

Free scripts have the same terms and conditions, support is not guaranteed
and may not even be available.

For more details about how to get technical support, click here.


You get free, unlimited support for life - but please remember that you get this technical support only for the very first installation of the script(s) you have purchased, on your web site.

People edit files, delete files by mistake, edit script settings unintionally, and even change web servers many times during the life of their e-Business. It is practically impossible for us to provide you with technical support every time you switch servers or web hosts.

We can no longer support the scripts for free, should any of the above occur.

Should any of the above occur, and a script which was working fine, suddenly stops working, you have the following options:

  1. Re-install the script from scratch, using the README file
  2. Browse through our online forums for the most commonly made errors
  3. Or, we can install the script(s) for you for a very small fee of only $9.99 per script.

IV. Contacting the Author (Bug reports, licensing questions, technical support)

Please use this feedback form

These terms and conditions may be modified at any time without any form of notice to our visitors, subscriber, clients, and anyone whatsoever.
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