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AffTrakker for ClickBank
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C.A.P.E - Add On for ClickBank's Affiliate Program
Paypal-IPN Download Protector
"Send this Page" script
Co-Registration Manager - Multiple-List Subscription Management System
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ClickBank Affiliate Program Enhancer (CAPE)
(Setting up One Clickbank account for Multiple Landing Pages)

"Sell Multiple Products
From Multiple Web Sites
Create Multiple Affiliate Programs
Set up Multiple Landing Pages
All with Just One Clickbank Account!"

If you sell more than one product through ClickBank, then pay close attention to this script, because this just might turn out to be a lifesaver!

Clickbank has an awesome affiliate program - there's no doubting that even for a moment.

But one of the biggest problems for your affiliates is that their affiliate link will always lead their visitors to only one page on your site - which, in most merchant's cases, their home page.

Now what if your affiliates want to send their subscribers (or visitors) directly to a particular product's page on your site, or even directly to the product-purchase link itself?

Let me explain.

Before & After CAPE
Without CAPE, my affiliates had to do this:

"The Download-Protector from WBIB is a great product. Click here for details."


"Check out the Stealth-Mailer. It is an awesome opt-in lead generator. Click here for the Stealth-Mailer."

Not a big deal, because regardless of which product my affiliate is recommending, he is forced to send his visitors to only one landing page - which is my home page!

With CAPE installed, here's what my affiliates can do now:
"The Download-Protector from WBIB is a great product. Click here for details."

The CAPE link will take my affiliate's referral through his affiliate link, and at the same time, also redirect them directly to Download-Protector's home page, the product which my affiliate was recommending to start with).

If you signed up as an affiliate to sell, then normally, your affiliate link would look the one below (where ravijp would be replaced by your ClickBank nickname, and wstore is indeed our actual ClickBank nick name).

This is the usual format for a ClickBank affiliate link. If you clicked on the above link (opens in new window), then it will directly take you to the home page of WebmasterInABox.

Now Clickbank allows me to redirect my affiliates to only ONE page on my site, so this page is usually set to be my home page. However, WebmasterInABox (WBIB) has 20+ products.

So, how can I make my visitors go through my affiliate's ClickBank link and yet redirect them not to my home page, but directly to a particular product's page as chosen by my affiliate?

One way some merchants get around this, is to create a "gateway" page, and list all their products on that page. So, when affiliates send their visitors to their affiliate link, the visitors land at your gateway page, and regardless of what they buy, the clickbank cookie has already been set and your affiliate would get the referral fee (commission). Again, this is a lousy solution, because your affiliates still have to send their visitors only to your home page!

Another possibility - if you have money to burn - is to sign up for a new seller's account for each product that you want to sell - ugh! $49 for each account - which means you will be spending $1000 if you sell 20 products!

Fortunately (for all of us) I decided not to go either route - the first one's plain lousy, and the second one will make me bankrupt!

You guessed it right - instead, I sat down and wrote the ClickBank Affiliate Program Enhancer - and thus CAPE was born.

3 Ways to Use the CAPE:


"This product is so awesome, that I cannot stress it's importance enough!
This is one product which will truly revolutionize the way
you use your ClickBank account and affiliate program."

"Your affiliates will be thrilled that you are putting such
extraordinary power in their hands!"

You've got to try out the demo to believe this. Check out the live demo below.

Normal ClickBank Link
Where it will lead you WebmasterInABox home page
Usefulness Minimal
CAPE ProductLink
Where it will lead you Just add a few characters (&l=3999) at the end of your regular clickbank affiliate link. This sets the ClickBank cookie PLUS redirects
directly to the product-details page of the Download Protector
Usefulness Huge
CAPE PurchaseLink
Where it will lead you Ideal for Resellers - Just add a few characters (&l=2) at the end of your regular clickbank affiliate link. Sets the ClickBank cookie PLUS redirects directly to the product's purchase-link of MyWebmasterInABox totally bypassing the main site!
Usefulness Awesome
CAPE RedirectLink
Where it will lead you To Any Web site on the Internet! In fact, the above web site will redirect you to Yahoo!'s web site. This link has been included just to show you how powerful and versatile CAPE is. So, you will be able to share one ClickBank merchant account over multiple web sites and multiple products!
Usefulness Unbelievable!

So what can the CAPE do for you?


Let's say you sell a product through ClickBank, and Joe Affiliate signs up as your affiliate. Now each of our products have a special ClickBank link.

Without CAPE, all Joe can do is to send his visitors to your home page using the regular ClickBank link (example )

But using ClickBank CAPE, Joe now has all of the following options:

  1. CAPE ProductLink: He could publish an article about a particular product on your site and send people directly to that page (instead of your home page)
    (example )

  2. CAPE PurchaseLink: Or he can publish all your product details complete with pictures and pricing and stuff, and send people DIRECTLY to the purchase link for that product - totally by passing your site - and to Joe's visitor, it would seem like they were buying it directly from his site, without the distractions of arriving at your site and getting lost amongst all your content and links!
    (example )

  3. CAPE ReDirectLink: Using CAPE's proprietary Page-Redirect Feature, Joe can redirect it not only to your product pages, but to any page on your web site he chooses. In fact, he can redirect his visitor to any web site on the web! In the example link below, the link will redirect you to Yahoo's web site after setting ClickBank's cookie on your computer.

    This is by far the most powerful feature of CAPE which will let you use your one single existing ClickBank account with multiple web sites, to sell multiple products, create any number of landing pages, and allow your affiliates to redirect their visitors to any page on your site, to any product-page on your site, or to any of your web sites!


Cost of the Script : $44.95
is now

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