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Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification)
- A tutorial for both Dummies & Developers

Featuring an Exclusive How-To section on
"Securing your Downloadable e-Products and
Setting up a Members-Only site using IPN"

So what exactly is IPN?
IPN - Instant Payment Notification - a behind the scenes look
Setting up IPN and IPN FAQ's
Setting up a Privatesite - or Members-Only area using IPN and .htaccess
Do you have a ready-made script that can help me set up IPN on my web site?

Hi Ravi!

I just wanted to let others know what wonderful service they can expect, should they be apprehensive about buying something online. I recently purchased your Paypal Download Protector script via online check, so I wouldn't have to worry about my e-books being stolen by those who would give out the download URLs to their friends. I must say, the script works GREAT, and the promptness with which you got back to me, when I had a question, was very impressive...not to mention professional. I have your site bookmarked, and will definitely do business with you in the future! Thanks again for all your help!

Keith Dotzler

So What exactly is IPN?

IPN stands for "Instant Payment Notification". To truly understand what it is and how it works, we need to start with a little flash-back.

Now, you are probably aware of what is Paypal, and how you can use a regular Paypal account to accept payments over the web from your web site.

Paypal, since it was first introduced, was used mainly by individuals to exchange cash online, and also by small business and home-based business owners to sell goods over the Internet and accept payments from Paypal users visiting their web site from around the world.

Before IPN, this is how digital products were sold (and meant to be purchased :-) through Paypal:

1. Through my Paypal account, I use the form generator to generate my "BUY" button.

2. I use the "return_url" field to specify the "Thank You" page to which my buyer would return to if the payment was successful.

3. I provide a link to my super-duper-awesome e-Book on my thankyou page.

4. My buyer, who has paid for my ebook, happily downloads it from the page and goes on to conquer the web-world with the "Explosive" ideas from my e-Book!

Simple, right?

Not so fast - there was one major glitch in the system.

Not enough credit was given to those individuals who were "technically-savvy" enough to do a "view-source" on my sales page as soon as they landed on it, figure out the "return_url" and go straight to that page and download my "million-dollar-ideas" e-Book by paying ZERO dollars!

e-Commerce where "e" actually stood for "e-Mail"

The smarter merchants woke up to this flaw pretty quick - though not before they'd lost quite a few thousand dollars in stolen e-products, of course - and instead, on their thankyou-page, they now said:

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase. You will be shortly receiving the e-Book that you just purchased by email.

Please note that it may be a couple of days (or weeks) before I get home from my fishing trip, wake up to harsh reality, settle down at my work place, get over my hang-over, and finally check my email just before midnight after the wife and kids've gone to bed, to finally see that you've purchased my e-Book, and send it to you as an attachment (oh, BTW it may take a few more hours if I can't log in to my free ISP straightaway, as you know, that free ISP's, being free and all, don't have too many access numbers…."

After hundreds of rude, angry customers who said "I've paid for your eBook 2 days ago. Where the %$&* is my eBook???", Paypal finally came up with a kick-butt solution which let your buyers download the product in real time, and made technology available which let you authenticate your buyers in real time and hide it from the hackers and show it to the legitimate buyers.

And thus was born IPN.

IPN - Instant Payment Notification - a behind the scenes look
is now

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